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Family Medical Center is your trusted healthcare provider in Trinity and Port Richey, committed to delivering comprehensive medical services to individuals and families. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce, so we offer Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals to ensure the safety and well-being of commercial drivers.

Understanding DOT Exams: 

When your job involves operating vehicles crucial for public safety, such as commercial trucks or buses, ensuring your health and fitness is paramount. The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates regular physical examinations for safety-sensitive employees to uphold stringent safety standards. Let’s delve into what a DOT exam entails, who needs it, preparation tips, and what to do in case of failure.

DOT physicals serve as a critical safety measure for commercial drivers and safety-sensitive employees, ensuring they meet specific health criteria set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). At Family Medical Center located in Trinity and Port Richey, we offer DOT physicals conducted by experienced medical professionals, providing a convenient and affordable option for individuals requiring these exams.

DOT Exam Requirements: 

To streamline the examination process, it’s advisable to bring relevant medical documentation and to stay hydrated before the exam. DOT Exams involve five separate tests: 

  1. Vision Testing: Adequate vision, corrected or uncorrected, is crucial for operating commercial vehicles safely. You must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye. Glasses or contact lenses are acceptable to correct a driver’s vision.
  2. Drug Testing: Screening for substances that could impair driving abilities, ensuring safety for all road users. You cannot have diabetes on needle-injected insulin; diabetes controlled through a diet or oral medication is permitted. Use of a Schedule 1 drug, amphetamine, narcotic, or any other habit-forming drug is not allowed.
  3. Hearing Testing: Ensuring drivers have sufficient hearing capabilities to detect potential hazards on the road.
  4. Brain and Neurological Screening: Identifying any neurological conditions that may compromise driving safety.
  5. Cardiovascular Screening: Assessing heart health to mitigate risks associated with cardiovascular diseases. Suppose you have a current diagnosis of cardiac insufficiency, collapse, congestive cardiac failure, or any other cardiovascular disease. In that case, you must provide the Medical Examiner with a stress test (which needs to be performed within the last 12 months) and a release from your physician stating that you can drive a commercial motor vehicle without restrictions.

After Passing the Exam:

Upon passing, you’ll receive a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), validating your fitness for duty. Present this certificate to your employer to continue your responsibilities or as part of the hiring process.

Failing a DOT Exam:

If you fail the exam, don’t panic. Consult with your doctor to address any disqualifying factors. You may qualify for FMCSA driver exemption programs or undergo necessary treatments to meet the criteria for future exams.


Why Choose Family Medical Center for DOT Exams?

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

At Family Medical Center, we understand the importance of convenience when it comes to DOT exams. That’s why we offer walk-in clinic locations in Trinity and Port Richey, ensuring easy access for drivers needing these crucial examinations. Whether you’re a resident or passing through the area, our conveniently located clinics make it simple to prioritize your health and fulfill DOT requirements without disrupting your schedule.

Efficient and Thorough Examination Process:

Our commitment to efficiency and thoroughness sets us apart regarding DOT exams. We recognize the significance of these examinations for ensuring road safety, which is why our experienced medical professionals conduct each examination with meticulous attention to detail. From vision and hearing tests to cardiovascular screenings and beyond, we adhere to DOT regulations to provide comprehensive assessments that prioritize your well-being and compliance with federal standards.

Expert Care You Can Trust:

At Family Medical Center, you’re in capable hands. Our dedicated team of medical professionals boasts extensive experience conducting DOT exams, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned commercial driver or undergoing your first DOT examination, our compassionate staff is here to guide you every step, answering any questions and providing personalized care tailored to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DOT Exams in Florida

How long will my DOT Physical take, and what is entailed?

Expect your DOT Physical to take between 35 to 55 minutes. The duration may vary based on your age, health condition, and other circumstances. We strive to keep wait times to a minimum, often resulting in no waiting time. The physical is comprehensive, meets DOT regulations, and thoroughly checks each central system.

I have a Florida Commercial Driver’s License. Am I required to have a medical certificate?

Yes. Florida statutes and federal laws mandate possessing a current medical examiner’s certificate if you hold a CDL. Various criteria define a commercial motor vehicle requiring this certificate, including if your vehicle:

  • Has a gross weight rating of 10,001 pounds or more.
  • Transports more than eight passengers for compensation.
  • Transports more than 15 passengers (non-compensation).
  • Carries hazardous materials requiring placarding.

Does HIPAA cover the DOT medical examinations?

While HIPAA regulations are significant, DOT medical examinations are primarily governed by federal motor carrier safety regulations; therefore, DOT medical exams prioritize regulatory requirements over HIPAA. Medical Examiners may share relevant information with carriers as necessary.

If an employee performs safety-sensitive functions for two different employers, is the employee subject to each of the employer’s DOT drug and alcohol testing programs?

Yes, employees are subject to DOT random testing for each employer if they perform safety-sensitive functions.

Will I lose my job if I test positive or refuse a test?

The decision regarding employment actions, including termination, lies solely with the employer. DOT regulations do not specifically address hiring or termination procedures, which may vary based on company policies and agreements.

What happens to me when I test positive or refuse to test?

You cannot perform safety-sensitive duties until completing the return-to-duty process, including seeing a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and passing a Federal return-to-duty test.

Do I need to bring any forms to my DOT Physical?

No, all necessary forms are provided. Upon completion, you’ll receive a Medical Examiner’s Certificate, also known as the DOT Medical Card or CDL Medical Card.

Why is the DOT physical examination critical?

The examination ensures CMV drivers meet higher physical, mental, and emotional fitness standards, prioritizing public safety.

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Suzann Ross
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Eric Donato
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Great doctor! Professional and friendly even when you don't have an appointment. The staff always makes me feel welcome.
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I have been coming to dr greenfield and dr Morris for over four years now . I have found both doctors to be down to earth and caring . The staff is very friendly and rarely have I had to wait for an appointment .
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I Initially came in for a sinus infection and I was able to get an appointment the same day . Since I have been very happy with dr greenfield and his staff and I have even told my sister to come as well .
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The staff is very professional and kind and my Doctor Morris is the best. Love this place
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Sarah K
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I had been to a few chiropractors in the Trinity area and not one of them could relieve my lower back pain. All of them had tried to refer me to a pain management doctor. On advice from a friend, I went to see Dr. Greenfield and after a few mild adjustments to my back (not painful), and recommended physical therapy, mild lower back pain has been greatly reduced. Thanks to Dr. Greenfield my back feels better and without any prescription medications!!
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