Common Winter Sport Injuries

The season for winter sports has finally rolled around! Here in Florida, we may not have snowy slopes, but indoor ice rinks make ice skating and hockey popular throughout the winter months. Indoor skiing and snowboarding facilities can also be found throughout the Sunshine State. Winter sports make for a great time, but do pose a risk of getting injured.  (more…)

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Start Your Weight Loss This Winter to Be Ready for Summer

During the winter season, maintaining a healthy weight goes to the back burner for many people. Between holiday treats and relaxing at home with loved ones, it can be difficult to find the motivation for weight loss. However, by the time swimsuit season rolls around, you may be wishing that you reached your goal weight sooner. 

By starting your weight loss regimen this winter, you’ll be on track to have a bikini-ready body next summer. Plus, with weight loss services from Family Medical Centers, you can enjoy the holidays while managing your weight with a doctor-assisted program.  (more…)

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