Coronavirus Symptoms That Could Be Something Else

Coronavirus Symptoms? It Could Be Something Else

Everyone is worried about the coronavirus pandemic; and, well, we should be. But sometimes hearing so much about a pandemic can make you think twice about your own symptoms. Before jumping to the conclusion that you have COVID-19, consider these other explanations for your symptoms before calling for an appointment.

Coronavirus Symptoms That Could Be Something Else


Fever can be caused by almost any illness or infection. A fever by itself is no reason to fear a COVID diagnosis. However, fever is a telltale symptom that should be addressed if it doesn’t resolve itself. You can give it a few days before you decide to give us a call if the fever is mild, but you should self-isolate until you are sure that you aren’t infected.

Dry Cough

A cough could be caused by a number of things in your environment. It can be caused by allergies, which can present at adult ages. A cough could also be caused by smoking, being around harsh chemicals or cleaners, or spending large amounts of time outside in industrial areas where there is more air pollution. It could also be a common cold or average pneumonia. Generally speaking, if a cough lasts more than 10 days, you should have it checked out. But if you have a cough in combination with other COVID symptoms, you should not wait to get tested.

Muscle Aches and Fatigue

Muscle aches occur in about 15 percent of COVID cases, and there are a lot of other potential reasons for the symptom. In fact, you could experience some muscle aches and weakness simply because you are being less active than you were before the pandemic. Muscle aches and fatigue, in general, are nothing to worry about, but should be addressed if they don’t resolve themselves.

There are a number of other potential COVID related symptoms, and all of them could be other illnesses or infections. The best thing to do if you have one of these symptoms is to contact us for screening, instruction, and possible testing.