Common Winter Sport Injuries

Winter Sport Injuries Common Winter Sport Injuries

The season for winter sports has finally rolled around! Here in Florida, we may not have snowy slopes, but indoor ice rinks make ice skating and hockey popular throughout the winter months. Indoor skiing and snowboarding facilities can also be found throughout the Sunshine State. Winter sports make for a great time.

Some of the most common winter sport injuries include:

ACL Tears        

The ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is crucial for knee stability. Athletes playing winter sports that involve fast changes of direction and the risk of falling, like indoor ice skating, are at a heightened risk of tearing the ACL. A torn ACL is a serious injury that causes inflammation, severe pain, lost range of motion, and the inability to bear weight on the knee. 

Ankle Sprains

Many winter sports injuries involve frequent, rapid ankle movements that put athletes at risk. Ankle sprains are the most common ankle injury and occur when the ligaments in the ankle are stretched or torn. This injury can range in severity, with a mild sprain typically only requiring at-home care to heal. More severe sprains may require medical treatment, including immobilization.

Shoulder Dislocation

Ice skaters and hockey players are at risk of shoulder dislocation from falling on ice. When the shoulder hits a hard surface like ice, the joint can pop out of place. A dislocated shoulder is often very painful and needs to be popped back into place by a medical professional as soon as possible to prevent complications. Shoulder dislocation may also require immobilization and physical therapy to heal. 

Muscle Strains

Repetitive motions from many different sports, including indoor winter sports, can lead to muscle strain. A muscle strain is usually a minor injury that occurs when a muscle or tendon is stretched too far. For athletes, muscle strains are the most common in the legs, ankles, and hands. 

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