Key Factors to Physical Therapy Success

Key Factors to Physical Therapy Success

Physical therapy can be very beneficial. Often it can help you avoid surgery or other more invasive treatments, especially for injuries or joint pain. However, physical therapy will only help you if you follow some basic guidelines for success.

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Show Up to Every Appointment

Your sessions may be scheduled once a week, twice a week, or even once a month as you improve. These appointments are set this way so that it can progress at a therapeutic rate. If you skip an appointment, it could throw off your therapy schedule, and you will need to be in the program longer.

Be Honest, But Willing to Push Through

It is true that it can be painful. When you are doing the exercises with your physical therapist, you should be honest about what hurts so that they can either make adjustments or refer you back to your doctor for additional examination. However, you can’t give up every time it hurts.

Do Your Homework

Every time you leave your appointment you will be given new exercises to do at home. It is very important that you do these exercises as prescribed. If you don’t, the physical therapy you get at appointments alone will not be enough for a marked improvement.

If you are wanting to try physical therapy to avoid surgery, contact us today for more information or to set up your appointment.