How to Work with Your Physical Therapist for Success

Work with Your Physical Therapist for Success

Physical therapy isn’t like most other medical treatments. The effort toward your recovery does not rest with the physical therapist alone. You have to work with your therapist, at the rehabilitation center and at home, if you want the treatment to be effective. 

How to Work with Your Physical Therapist for Success

Be outspoken about pain and comfort.

If your physical therapist asks you to move a certain way and it is painful or uncomfortable, you can’t be shy about letting them know. Physical therapy will push your pain and range of motion thresholds to improve the strength and condition of the limb or joint, but it shouldn’t cause significant amounts of pain. Pain with certain positions or movements could indicate previously undetected injuries. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Are you not sure if you’re doing the recommended exercises correctly? Do you have questions about your overall treatment plan or recovery? Don’t be afraid to ask your physical therapist these and any other questions you have about your treatment. If they are unable to answer, they will get the answer from your doctor.

Do the homework.

You will leave every session with assigned exercises. Your physical therapist will teach you how to do these exercises, give you instructions to take home, and tell you how often you should do the exercises. They will also be able to give you any equipment you need to do the exercises correctly. It is extremely important that you keep up with your homework and do all of the recommended exercises. Your injury will not improve with just a few hours of physical therapy a week.

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