Getting Sports Physicals During the Pandemic

Getting Sports Physicals During the Pandemic


The pandemic has changed a lot, and that includes youth sports. However, even though your child’s school may be doing online instruction and closed classrooms, most are still going ahead with youth sports with precautions put in place. 

Getting Sports Physicals During the Pandemic

But getting a physical or other unnecessary medical visits are difficult to come by these days. Doctors are using telehealth as much as possible, and they are trying to keep in-person visits down to a minimum. If your child isn’t going to be starting sports right away, you might have a hard time getting physicals and other issues taken care of.

We are still offering sports physicals at our family practice, and we are happy to help you with this issue even if you are a new patient. We can provide you with the physicals you need for football, baseball, cheerleading, and more. But we do want to keep you and our staff safe, so there are some measures we will ask you to take.

First, you should wear a mask when in public whenever social distancing is not possible. That means that while in our office, you should keep your mask on the whole time. Your child should keep their mask on unless it is necessary to remove it for part of the physical. 

You should also maintain your distance from our staff. Unless your child is very nervous, you should be able to remain a safe distance away from the medical provider during the examination.

We will also ask you to schedule your appointment for a convenient time for you and wait until almost your appointment time to come in. That way you have less of a chance of being exposed to the virus as other patients exit our building.

If your child needs a sports physical, contact us today to schedule your appointment.