Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Pre-Employment Physical Exams


Some career paths require prospective employees to take a physical exam before making the hire. Called pre-employment exams, these physicals vary based on the job type and serve to assure your employer that you’re physically and mentally able to perform the job.

Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Employment Physical Exams

There are legal guidelines in place to regulate pre-employment exams and the information that your employer can ask for. Prospective employees need to understand these limitations to avoid possible discrimination. 

Let’s learn more about pre-employment physical exams and what you should expect going into one as a prospective employee. 

The Types of Pre-Employment Physical Exams

The type of pre-employment physical exam requested by your employer will depend on the responsibilities associated with the job. The main types of pre-employment exams include:

Physical ability tests

Physical ability tests ensure that candidates have the physical strength and stamina to carry out the job responsibilities. 

Drug and alcohol tests

Drug and alcohol tests may be administered by an employer to prevent workplace accidents, reduce company liability, and improve employee performance. 

Psychological tests

Psychological tests for employment ensure that candidates have the temperament and mental endurance to fit the job description. 

Legal Restrictions for Pre-Employment Physicals

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, covers the majority of the legal restrictions for pre-employment physicals. The ADA doesn’t allow employers to require a medical exam before providing a job offer. But once a conditional job offer is extended, the employer can ask prospective employees to undergo an exam, with conditions including:

  • The exam must be the same for all job applicants for the same position. 
  • The exam results can’t discriminate against the applicant. 
  • The applicant’s medical history and records must remain confidential.

Family Medical Centers provide pre-employment physicals for job applicants who require an exam. We’ll perform the requested testing so that you can secure the position.