How to Get Your Sports, Camp, or Work Physical

How to Get Your Sports, Camp, or Work Physical

It is about that time of year again, and your children are going to need sports and camp physicals for the summer. Work physicals can come up at any time that you change jobs or positions within a company. In all of these situations, there are some things to keep in mind to make getting your physical as easy as pie. 

How to Get Your Sports, Camp, or Work Physical

Have Your Forms Ready

Your doctor is a busy person, and they only have so much time to spend with you. If you have physical forms that need to be filled out, have them ready with all of your personal information already filled out. Only leave blank those fields that must be filled out by the nurse and doctor examining you.

Check the Timeliness

Check your forms or instructions to determine the best time to get your physical. Work physicals often have to be within a set time frame after an offer has been made. Sports physicals, too, usually must be within so many days or weeks of the sporting season. Camp physicals also usually cannot be done too early in the year. Don’t schedule at the last minute, but don’t do it too early either.

No Other Issues

If you have other health concerns, your physical appointment is not the time to bring these up. You should have a separate appointment for your annual physical or any symptoms that you are experiencing. Your physical appointment is only to examine you and fill out the necessary forms.

If you have any questions about our process for physicals, or to schedule your physical, contact us today to schedule an appointment.