Signs Your Teen Could Be Experimenting with Drugs and How To Know for Sure

It is completely normal to wake up one day to a seeming stranger in your home. As your teen goes through changes and starts learning the lessons of life, it is natural for them to change a bit in behavior, interests, and habits. On the other hand, these can also be symptoms of drug abuse. Here are some signs that you should look for and how we can help you help your teen.

Signs of drug abuse in teens

While some of these symptoms can be due to stress or just puberty, it is important to take them seriously when several are present at once. Talk to your teen and feel them out. They may agree to the drug screen to prove their innocence, taking away most of the hassle. 

The most common symptoms of drug abuse in teens are:

  • Ignoring curfew, staying out all night, and/or sneaking out
  • Suddenly acting irresponsibly
  • Frequently asking for money, pawning things, and/or stealing
  • Making secretive calls
  • Isolation and intentional destruction of relationships
  • Getting caught in “white lies” about whereabouts and activities
  • Missing school or work
  • Losing interest in previous passions without new ones replacing them

We offer easy and affordable drug testing.

Our drug testing services aren’t just available to employers. They are actually available for all of our patients, even walk-ins. If you suspect that your teen is experimenting with drugs, bring them in for an on-the-spot drug screen. Once you know for sure, you can work on getting them help, if needed. Even if the test is negative, you’ll have bought peace of mind, which can be worth it on its own.

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