When To See Your Doctor After a Work Injury

When To See Your Doctor After a Work Injury

In many professions, there’s a risk of injury. But after sustaining a work injury, many are unsure of when to see a doctor, keeping in mind that workers’ compensation laws are in place. 

When To See Your Doctor After a Work Injury

By understanding the proper steps to take after getting injured at work, you can receive the proper care while adhering to workers’ comp regulations. Read on to learn more. 

Getting the Care That You Need

First and foremost, promptly receiving the medical care that you need is important after a work injury. Even if the injury seems minor, you should see a doctor right away. This is to ensure your safety and wellbeing after the accident, but seeing a doctor ASAP after a work injury will also protect your right to receive insurance compensation from your employer. The longer you wait after sustaining a work injury to see a doctor, the more able your employer or your employer’s insurance company will be to claim that the injury isn’t work-related. 

Don’t try to wait out or power through a work injury. Doing so could prolong the recovery time for the injury and inhibit your ability to get workers’ comp benefits. 

Workers’ Compensation Protocols

Workers’ compensation insurance may cover many injuries that occur on the job. To ensure that you’re compensated for the cost of medical treatment for the injury, you’ll need to follow the legal workers’ comp protocols. 

After getting injured at work, inform your supervisor right away. Reporting the injury in writing is recommended whenever possible. This will begin the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. 

In Florida, the doctor that you’ll see for treatment in a workers’ compensation case is determined by the employer’s insurance company. However, if the insurance company has a managed care plan for work injuries, you’ll have a provider network to choose from. Additionally, you may select your own doctor if emergency treatment is required, the insurance company doesn’t provide a doctor in an acceptable time frame, or the workers’ comp claim is rejected at first.

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