How Your Doctor’s Visit Will Be Changed by COVID

How Your Doctor’s Visit Will Be Changed by COVID

If you have been putting off your doctor’s visit because everything has been limited to virtual appointments as much as possible, you’re not alone. A lot of people are not comfortable with telehealth options, and a basic phone call is often insufficient. If you’re done waiting to see a doctor in person, you can make an appointment with us today, but your visit will look much different than you’re probably used to.

How Your Doctor's Visit Will Be Changed by COVID

Wearing masks

It is recommended that everyone wear masks where social distancing is not possible. Clearly, while a doctor is examining you, they will be a lot closer than six feet. That means that you and all of our medical staff will be wearing masks at all times. When that is not possible, we will take as much precaution as possible, including making sure that our masks remain in place. Remember that these measures are to protect us so that we can keep doing what we do.

Spacing out appointments

You’re not likely to wait long in our doctor’s office for your doctor’s visit, but you really don’t have to worry about a wait now. We are spacing out appointments as much as possible to minimize how many people are in our practice at one time and allow plenty of time for disinfection between patients. The upside is that not only is this safer, it is also much more convenient for our patients. You should be taken to an exam room almost immediately.

Stricter appointment policies

Because we are trying to control the number of people in our family practice at one time, we must be more strict about appointment times. Please arrive promptly for your appointment, being careful not to arrive too early as well. If you are too late for your appointment, we might have to reschedule to keep the number of patients in our building low.

If you don’t want to put off your doctor’s appointment anymore, contact us today to schedule.